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Horizontal, single-stage volute casing pumps with the dimensions and nominal ratings to EN 733 in back pull out design which permits the removal of the complete bearing unit toward the drive end without removing the pump casing from the pipe work. If a spacer coupling is installed it is also unnecessary to disconnect the motor.


Volute pumps of the series ZTN have been specially developed for handling of mineral and synthetic heat transfer oils. The pumps may be used in installations with positive or negative suction pressure. Especially to be emphasised is the application in plants of the chemical industry (heating of agitators, reactors, drying plants, polymerisation plants, plants for conveying high-viscous products and producing plastic materials and synthetic fibres), the rubber and plastic industry (heating of calendars, melting pots, power presses for plastics, automatic injection moulding machines, production of PVC adhesive tape), the food industry (heating of baking and fish-frying ovens, distillation of fatty acids and glycerine, fat softening plants, production of potato chips and milk powder) and the paper industry and laundries(calendar rolls, production of corrugated cardboard, heating of washing machines, mangles and dryers).


Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 1,000 m³/h

Head: up to 95 m

Speed: max. 3,600 rpm

Temperature: max. 350 °C

Casing pressure: up to 16 bar

Shaft seal: mechanical seal, radial lip seals

Material: nodular iron, cast steel


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