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Liquid ring vacuum pumps of the series LPHX/LPH are single-stage displacement pumps and have a simple but robust construction with the following features and benefits like nearly isothermal compressionoil-free (no internal lubrication), capable of handling almost all gases and vapours, able to handle quantities of liquid “carry over”low maintenance and safe operation, low noise and almost vibration free, available in a wide range of materials, broad range of applications, O-ring sealing as standard, cavitation protection as standard, drain hole as standard, built-in solids drain and rotating metallic parts are non contacting to minimise wear.



Handling and exhausting of dry and humid gases. Entrained liquid can be handled during normal duty. The pumps are applied in all fields where a pressure of 120 to 900 mbar must be created by robust vacuum pumps. Fields of application are for example the chemical and pharmaceutical industry (distilling and degassing), the electric industry (impregnation and drying), the plastics industry (degassing) and many more.


Technical Data:

Suction volume flow: up to 10,700 m³/h

Suction pressure: 120 up to 1013 mbar
Shaft seal: gland packing, mechanical seal
Materials: grey cast iron, stainless steel


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