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With increasing energy costs, the energy consumption of drive technology is also becoming increasingly important. And precisely here, the objective is to fully utilize all of the potential to minimize energy consumption in order to secure competitiveness both today and in the future. Reduced energy consumption also has a positive impact on the environment.

Energy costs make up approximately 95 % of the lifecycle costs of a motor – the initial purchase price and installation only represent 5 %. Using our energy-saving calculator, you can calculate just how quickly a high efficient motor pays for itself The motors are suitable for frequency converter operation and therefore permit additional energy-saving potential – in some cases, this is quite significant.

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Power and voltage range:

0.09 kW - 1250 kW

All commonly used voltages

Frame sizes and types of construction:

63 M to 450, All common construction types

Rated speed and rated torque:

750 - 3600 min-1

0.61 - 10300 Nm

Customer benefits


The IEC motors are available, across the board in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 for the area of validity of EU Regulation 640/2009 from 750 Watts up to 375 kW. Further, the motors are also certified according to EISA for the NAFTA market in the Energy Efficiency and Premium Efficiency classes. And even more: With IE3 motors, you can save a significant amount of energy, as they have an efficiency that is up to 10 % higher than previous motors.

 Increased power

Our increased output power motors offer one standard power stage more – and that from the same frame size. To top it off: Also here, we are consequentially striving to improve the energy efficiency. Based on the classification according to IEC 60034-30 – the motors are available in high-efficiency and standard versions.

 Increased degree of flexibility

The optimized architecture simplifies mounting and installation. Encoders, brakes and external fans can be easily retrofitted with low associated time and costs. Terminal boxes and feet can be flexibly mounted as option. Up to 460 V, all of the motors can be connected to the line supply as well as to a frequency converter – without any supplementary measures.

Typical applications

The motors are suitable for all sectors and industrial applications. Ranging from applications without any special demands placed on the motors up to use in especially rugged environments – from the production industry up to the process industry. Examples of sectors include automobile, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, printing and machinery construction; suitable applications include, for example, pumps, fans and compressors.

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